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Roger's Salon, Clinic & Spais a modern and nuanced artistic exclusive, luxurious, magnificent and well-equipped for beauty treatments and body relaxation. Equipped with modern equipment and are supported by professionals in the field. There is also a VIP room for those who prioritize privacy and comfort. Only in Roger's Salon, Clinic & Spa you get care from head to toe that will beautify your appearance.

You can also get skin care and how prevention like to make your skin fresh and young again, tighten the skin, eliminate acne and wrinkles, shrink pores, etc.

We offer a range of facial and body beauty treatments such as facial treatment, face & bodylifting, contouring, slimming, firming detox, etc. Also available light therapy to rejuvenate your skin. All treatments are carried out and supported in our clinic rooms were quiet and comfortable.

Roger's Salon, Clinic & Spa also features a wellness center facilities in the form of gymnastic studios are comfortable that support you to maintain your physical fitness through a wide selection of exercise classes such as aerobics, pilates, salsa, line dance, yoga and so on.

Equipped with a cafe that serves a blend of pleasure and warmth in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that will be accompanied by a variety of Indonesian dishes such as fried rice, pecel rice whit chicken, fried vermicelli, chicken soup, gado-gado, etc., that will surely arouse your taste. Especially for Cafe Roger's Dago, Bandung available a complete international menu.

Roger's Salon, Clinic & Spa in collaboration with Wash Up Laundry provides laundry and dry cleaning services for those who give priority to quality factor, the speed and the best service. Entrusting the entire face and body beauty treatments you only Roger's Salon, Clinic & Spa because of Roger's Salon, Clinic & Spa is a great way to beauty and relaxation.


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Senopati Street, No. 48-50, New Kebayoran, South Jakarta, Indonesia.
Telp. : (+62) 21 720 3992, (+62) 21 726 9025.
Fax. : (+62) 21 726 9024
Email : senopati@rogersalon.com

Gunawarman Street No. 59, New Kebayoran, South Jakarta, Indonesia.
Telp. : (+62) 21 725 8652. (+62) 21 725 865 53.
Fax. : (+62) 21 7222728
Email : gunawarman@rogersalon.com

Wolter Monginsidi Boulevard No. 21, New Kebayoran, South Jakarta, Indonesia
Telp. : (+62) 21 727 92939, (+62) 21 727 80276
Fax. : (+62) 21 72792939
Email : wolter@rogersalon.com

Ir. H. Juanda Street No. 97, Dago, Bandung City. Indonesia
Telp. : (+62) 22 250 2662, (+62) 22 253 4287.
Fax. : (+62) 22 2534287
Email : dago@rogersalon.com

Pelajar Pejuang 45 Street, No. 76, South Lingkar, Bandung City. Indonesia
Telp. : (+62) 22 731 9154, (+62) 22 731 9199
Fax. : (+62) 22 7319193
Email : lingkar@rogersalon.com

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