Facial care (Skin Care) or facial in Rogers Salon is a facial treatment for facial skin care that includes the steps of cleansing, exfoliating or thinning, sorting, fertilization and refreshment by using tools, materials and certain cosmetics with the aim of making face to be healthy , fresh, clean and make the skin becomes flushed.

Besides Rogers Skin Care has the primary goal of helping the skin free from blockage of pores called blackheads. Types of acne comedones, no inflammatory reactions, so to fix this, simply by doing the scrubbing action that is rubbing the skin with the help of grain - fine grains, and exfoliating the skin peeling facial, performed 2 weeks or 1 month.

The purpose of Facial itself can exfoliate dead skin, shrink pores, helps prevent acne and dull skin, improve skin texture, improve blood circulation in the skin through massage-massage is done, provide moisture maximum for the skin and help Your skin looks younger.

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